Committee for Fees Allocation

This committee meets:

Fall 2010: Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. August 26 through December 2

Spring 2011: Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. January 11 through February 23


Meeting Dates

Current projects:

Historical Analysis of CFA data.  This analysis will give an in-depth look at student fees over the past 30 years and their projected changes.  This project will be concluded and presented to Senate by November 24th. 

About fees

UNL calls its Student Fees "University Program and Facilities Fees" (UPFF). Although paid by students for programs and services oriented to students, UPFF assessments are not "user fees." They are, rather, part of the cost of attending the University.

Allocations of fees: where the money is spent

Fund A fees go to student-run organizations and services, and Fund B fees to go programs and services administered by the University.


Itemized Fee Allocations

Per Student Per Semester
Project Annual Allocation
Fund A (Student Organizations)

ASUN (Student Government)
$10.16 $450,279
Daily Nebraska 
$2.74 $115,686
University Program Council:

UPC Programming
$3.61 $160,065
Lied Center Discounts
$2.46 $109,000
Subtotal $18.97 $835,030

Fund B (Obligations and Agencies)

Campus Recreation
$130.25 $5,770,077
Nebraska Unions:

General Operations
$82.89 $3,672,072
Newspaper Program
$6.43 $284,786
Transit Services
$8.94 $396,086
University Health Center:

General Operations
$143.91 $5,511,777
Counseling & Psychological Services
$5.16 $228,616
Debt Services on Facilities
$51.50 $1,845,626
Contingency $.05 $1,915

Total for Fund A and B
$448.10 $18,545,985


Who Decides Where the Fees Are Allocated?

UNL students have the unique advantage over many other colleges in that student fees are assessed only with the advice and consent of student government.

FUND A: The ASUN Committee for Fees Allocation (CFA) recommends Fund A allocations to the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, who then forwards those recommendations (plus any suggested modifications) to the Chancellor. The Chancellor makes final allocation decisions.

FUND B: It has been customary for the CFA to review annual budget requests submitted by Fund B agencies and to make recommendations through the ASUN Senate to the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs on UPFF Fund B assessments, who then forwards those recommendations (plus any additions or changes) to the Chancellor. The Chancellor reviews the recommendations, and then makes final allocation requests to the Board of Regents, who have final authority over Fund B allocations.