Student Court

Membership of the Court:
Chief Justice must be a current student in good standing attending the UNL College of Law. Associate Justices can be either students in good standing attending the UNL College of Law or undergraduate students in good standing attending UNL.

Student Court deals only with matters generated by student organizations.  It is not the body that deals with any matters regarding the student code of conduct.

Judicial Powers:
The judicial power of the Student Court shall extend to the following controversies:

  • Matters of the Trial of Impeachment.
  • Matters of interpretation of this constitution.
  • Matters of contested elections.
  • Matters concerning organizations when referred to the Court by the University of Nebraska administration, the Student Senate or an individual Student.
  • Other matters arising under the bylaws, or ordinances of the Student Senate.

The Student Court shall operate under and be governed by such rules and regulations, as the Student Senate shall adopt by ordinance or bylaw except that such rules and regulations shall now infringe upon any of the powers herein granted to the Student Court.

Dispostion of Matters:
Parties involved in a decision of the Student Court shall have an appeal to the University Appeals Board where that body grants such an appeal. The decisions of the Student Court, where not altered by the University Appeals Board shall be complied with and enforced by the executive branches created in the Constitution. The Student Court may also recommend to the appropriate branch penalties or sanctions in any controversy.

Student Court Justices

Cheif Justice Megan Collins

Associate Justices:
Alexandra Friedli