ASUN Staff

Marlene Beyke, Director of Administration
Marlene has been working for ASUN since the fall of 1978. As Director of Administration, she works closely with the Student Body President/Regent and Executives. Marlene serves as the adviser for ASUN and provides continuity and a historical perspective for all branches of student government. Her duties include managing the day-to-day activities of the organization, and advising for ASUN services and activities including The Big Event, Student Government Elections, Homecoming, 475-RIDE, Committee for Fees Allocation (CFA), Technology Fee Committee (AFAC), and Student Legal Services. Marlene and her husband Gary have one daughter Kim. She is the proud grandmother of three, Connor (19), Emma (12) and Maddie 9. Marlene feels that the students at UNL and involved in ASUN are the future of the state of Nebraska. She writes, “Being a small part of their lives during their time at UNL has been very rewarding.”

Jessie Matthes, Administrative Assistant
Jessie has been working for ASUN since the fall of 2001. Her responsibilities are working with Recognized Student Organization (RSOs), 475-RIDE, Homecoming and various other duties. Jessie is the proud parent of two sons, Justin who is currently serving in the Marine Corps, and Marcus, a junior in high school. Jessie enjoys working with UNL students and seeing them grow. Jessie writes, “Watching the student government leaders achieving their accomplishments and changing the University makes my job worth every hour!”

Paula Allen, Administrative Assistant
Paula has been working for ASUN since the fall of 1987. Her responsibilities are working with the Executives and ASUN senators on legislation (preparing, keeping the permanent record and submitting to webmaster for upload). Paula maintains the financial books for ASUN, Student Legal Services, Homecoming, The Big Event and 475-RIDE. Paula serves as the welcoming face at the front desk of ASUN. Paula is married with three grown, married children and is a grandma to six. Paula writes, “I love working with the UNL students and seeing the accomplishments they and ASUN make from year to year.”