Letter From the Executives

September 2017

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Dear University of Nebraska-Lincoln Students,

We are happy to welcome all of you to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s campus this fall. Our names are Joe Zach, Camille Sippel, and Ayat Aribi, and we are lucky enough to serve as your ASUN Student Government executive team. Our office is on the first floor of the Nebraska Union in room 136. We invite you all to come talk to us about anything, whether it be regarding your campus concerns, ideas for improving campus, or Husker football predictions. We spend plenty of time in there, and we would love your company!

ASUN offers a variety of services, programs, and involvement opportunities. We have attorneys to represent students and funds for student environmental projects. We host fun events such as The Big Event and Homecoming, and we have involvement opportunities for anyone from freshmen to graduate students.

We would like you to know that as students, we share the same struggles, the same joys, and the same interests as you do. We want to make sure everyone has the best college experience. When you make your voice known and concerns heard, you will find that there are people on campus who will listen to you. They will give you opportunities to further listen to others and empower you to better your campus for those around you. We are here to listen and to serve as your voice.

You are part of a community and a family who will be there to support you along the way. Faculty, staff, administrators, and fellow students all want to see you and each other succeed. As a Husker, you are never alone and know that our office in the Union is always open.

As your student government representatives, we are so excited to welcome you back to campus, and we are excited to have a great school year. Go Big Red!


Joe Zach - President/Student Regent

Camille Sippel - Internal Vice President

Ayat Aribi - External Vice President