Homecoming Blood Drive

Homecoming Blood Drive
Coordinated by CASNR

City Campus Blood Drive

October 26-October 29, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Nebraska Union, Centennial Room

Hosted by the American Red Cross & Nebraska Community Blood Bank

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Please note that registration will be online and touchless check-in will be required. All donor stations will be distanced a minimum of six feet apart and surfaces will be disinfected as per the Community Blood Bank and Red Cross protocol. All students and workers will wear face coverings.

Point Allocation

1st Place: 300 points | 2nd Place: 250 points | 3rd Place: 200 points | Participation: 150 points

  • First, second and third place winners are based on overall participation in the blood drive, including the total number of both donors and volunteers.
  • Each donor will earn that donor's organization 10 points. Each organization is not limited to the number of donors. The first 15 donors for each organization will count toward total participation points. Additional donors, beyond the initial 15, will count only toward the overall scoring in determining first, second and third place.
  • An additional three points will be awarded to donors who sign up. These points only will contribute toward determining first, second and third place. To enact these "bonus points," one must sign up a day in advance and show up at the time the individual registered for. A three-point deduction will be made for donors who do not show up for their registered times.
  • Each volunteer will earn their organization three points per hour they volunteer. Each volunteer is limited to a total of three hours, and each organization is limited to 10 total volunteers. Additional volunteers will count only toward overall scoring in determining first, second and third place.
  • Donors and volunteers may attribute their points toward two, non-competing organizations. For example, a donor may sign up for points to go to both an RSO and a residence hall, or RSO and a Greek chapter.
  • Signing up for two competition organizations (like two RSOs) will result in zero points for that donor or volunteer.
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