Homecoming Jester Competition

Homecoming Jester Competition
Coordinated by the Student Alumni Association


  • Each group/organization will select one member to compete as a participant in the Homecoming Jester Competition.
  • Participants will attend a rehearsal and have their performance and music approved prior to the competition.
  • Each participant will have 30 seconds to "win the crowd and woo the judges" with a skit or talent showcase that shows school spirit.
  • The performance order is selected at random.
  • Judges will score the performance on creativity, school spirit, loudest crowd participation, and overall impression.
  • Winners (1st through 3rd place) for each category will be announced after all participants have performed.
  • Then, the Homecoming Jester is announced. This comines all three categories, but no extra points are awarded.


  • Participants must participate in a mandatory rehearsal October 25, 2020, between 5 and 7 p.m. to have their performance screened. The rehearsal will be via Zoom. Participants will be contacted to sign up for a time slot.

Safety & Risk Mitigation

  • The rehearsal will take place via Zoom.
  • Performance details to be determined.

Point Allocation

1st Place: 300 points | 2nd Place: 250 points | 3rd Place: 200 points | Participation: 150 points