Newspaper Readership Program

What is the Newspaper Readership Program?

-The Lincoln Journal Star, New York Times, Omaha World-Hearad, and the USA Today are available daily at convenient locations around campus!

-Web based resources for use in and out of the classroom.
"The college readership program is undoubtedly one of the greatest resources available to students at UNL.  With the wide variety of papers offered, students are allowed a glimpse into local, national and worldwide information, creating an informed and engaged population.  With papers situated at more than 30 convenient locations on City and East Campus, students are hard-pressed to find an area of UNL where these papers are not located." - Lane Carr, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Student Body President/Regent

UNL Jumps to #2 in the USA Today Readership Program

UNL's College Readership Program, managed by ASUN and the Nebraska Unions, has jumped back to its last year place as the second largest readership program in the nation.

Jason Meyer, Senior Account Manager for the North Central, Great Plains Region, says of UNL's place, "It is a true reflection that UNL students really value and utilize this program."
UNL fell to third place last year behind Utah State. This year, UNL falls only behind Big Ten colleague Penn State.

ASUN President Lane Carr writes, "USA Today's partnership with campuses is something that is under appreciated. The Readership Program allows students to stay up-to-date with the important happenings in local, state and national government. I think UNL's ascension to #2 shows that we are interested in what's going on outside the walls of our campus."

Students pay only $4.37 per semester for the Readership Program.  (mouseover to see full rankings)

Readership Map