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Huskers Fighting Hunger - Originally envisioned as a large-scale philanthropy, Huskers Fighting Hunger morphed into something much larger. Huskers Fighting Hunger, held November 16, featured nationally-renowned expert in childhood hunger, Dr. Mariana Chilton. The forum, Huskers Fighting Hunger: Confronting Food Insecurity in our Communities, also featured local panelists in the fight on hunger. Breakout sessions included the importance of nutrition education, advocating for hunger-free communities (featuring State Senator Bill Avery) and ensuring children have access to food. The event is available online here.


Website Remodeling - We continue to add new features to our website, including links to the services we offer, a "Meet our Staff" section, Rent Ping feature for off-campus housing, Twitter feed (so Tweet at us 'ASUN_UNL') and an interactive fees page. We're working to add pizzaz to our website in many ways, so stay updated! 


Student Bereavement Policy - The Faculty Senate was very receptive of the idea of a bereavement policy. They agree that students should have rights during times of grief. We look forward to working with the Faculty Senate to hash out the details of the bereavement policy in the coming weeks. 


Sustainability - There are many organizations that aim to create a more sustainable campus. Unfortunately these organizations rarely collaborate with one another. There exists no unified front to help in this cause. Working with our Environmental Sustainability Committee, we have begun the process of master planning for sustainable practices at UNL. This master plan has gone to the Chancellor's Commission on Sustainability. This year, ASUN allocated money to sustainability efforts in an effort to create programming and better coordinate with other organizations interested in sustainability efforts. 


24-Hour Study Lounge - During dead week and finals week, ASUN partnered with the Jackie Gaughan Multicultural Center to provide a place to study with extended hours. Based on data collected during this time, ASUN will continue working towards a permanent 24-hour lounge. We're excited to pursue as many options for this space as possible.  


475-Ride Endowment After much consideration, it has been determined that excess funds accumulated from Traditions T sales is better served building the contingency fund for our safe ride program, rather than creating an endowment. Still, this year, ASUN was able to lower its UPFF allocation to the 475-RIDE budget because of increased t-shirt sales. It is our intention that this will continue from year to year, allowing ASUN to use the very healthy 475-RIDE contingency fund as a supplement to the 475-RIDE operating budget.


Nebraska State Student Association - Vice President Hilgenkamp is working with the newly created Campus Compact office within the Center for Civic Engagement. The Nebraska Campus Compact is a state-based organization unifying the state's post-secondary educational institutions. In its first meeting at the beginning of October, Campus Compact members from 12 other institutions around the state were excited to hear of ASUN's interest in adding a student element, the Nebraska State Student Association. We will continue to work with Campus Compact to create this important institution in our state aimed at advocating the student voice at a much larger level. 


Faculty Senate/ASUN Collaboration - ASUN serves students. The faculty senate serves faculty. There is no better means of communicating and collaborating with faculty than through the organization representing them. Talks of a mixer have been instituted and collaboration with our Academic Committee continues. We look forward to fostering a stronger relationship with the faculty and their senate. 


Student Organization Representative Council (SORC) - ASUN is again hosting a Student Organization Representative Council. To be held in January, we are excited to discuss the important issues to students. Stay tuned for more details!  


Fee Transparency  - You will find an interactive page on our website detailing where your UPFF fees go. We will be working to get the budgets of each UPFF user on that page. Additionally, your Academic Fees will soon be added to the website.  


ASUN Documents Archived - ASUN archives will soon be available for your perusal! Curious about student government elections in 1970? You'll soon be able to see them online on our website! Over Holiday Break, led by Marlene, Director of Development, will be leading the charge in the archiving of years of documents.

East Campus Improvements - ASUN helped ensure the passage of the East Campus Rec Center projects through advocacy before the Coordinating Commission for Postsecondary Education and the legislature. Additionally, ASUN made a point to include a student on the selection committee for the architect. Finally, ASUN renewed its commitment to East Campus through the passage of the East Campus Task Force, aimed at improving student services, facilities, and academics on East Campus. We look forward to the Task Force's recommendations in January.  

Collaboration with the Association of Big Ten Students (ABTS) - Recently, five ASUN delegates attended the ABTS winter conference at the University of Illinois-Urbana/Champagne. ASUN is again hosting the Big Ten on the Hill Student Advocacy Conference in April. This conference allows ASUN to advocate collectively with colleagues from the Big Ten. We are excited to continue to aid ABTS Executive Officers in streamlining communication, specifically by coordinating the engagement of student government advisers.