Elected Officials

ASUN Student Government Elected Officials

Students cheer at the football game
ASUN Student Government elected officials represent the student body in a variety of ways. The ASUN President, Internal Vice President, and External Vice President serve as liaisons to the Board of Regents, University administration, and a variety of other stakeholders in the University system. Forty senators are elected to represent students from every college, and membership of the Senate is organized proportionally by college population. Elections occur every March.


Emily Johnson

President/Student Regent

Jared Long

Internal Vice President

Ibraheem Hamzat

External Vice President


College of Agriculture Sciences and Natural Resources

Luke Andersen

Environmental Sustainability

Kyle Cacciatore

Environmental Sustainability Chair/ELP Appt. Board

Christian Sheja

Diversity & Inclusion

Erika Swenson


College of Arts and Sciences

Saisha Adhikari

Diversity & Inclusion Chair

Molly Durham

Communications Chair

Drew Harrahill


Lexie Karkazis

Campus Life & Safety

Lauren McNeal

Goverment Liason Chair

Roni Miller

Campus Life & Safety Chair

College of Business

Luke Gomez


Hannah Cass

Diversity & Inclusion

Riley Knust

Campus Life & Safety

Cara DeMers


Spencer Nussrallah

Tech Fee Chair

Jacob Gideon

Committee for Fee Allocations Chair

College of Education and Human Sciences

Grace Hanson

Diversity & Inclusion

Katherine Alberts

Academic Co Chair

Colin Dike

Academic Co Chair

College of Engineering

Elise Gamble

Environmental Sustainability

Richard Maina

Diversity & Inclusion

Exploratory and Pre-Professional Studies

Jaden Roe

Student Services

Grant Holst

Diversity & Inclusion

Sarah Babcock

Campus Life & Safety

Hixson-Lied College of Fine and Performing Arts

Madeline Reddel

Campus Life & Safety

Graduate Studies

Daniel Rico

Committee for Fee Allocations

Eric Rodene

Student Services

Shawn Ratcliff

Graduate Student Assembly President

College of Journalism and Mass Communications

Mia Hernandez

Appointments Board Chair

College of Law

Dylan Dam

Student Services Chair

College of Public Affairs and Community Service

Makinzie DeHaan

Campus Life & Safety


Joseph Carrigan

William Hattery

Student Services

Taylor Jarvis


Ashton Koch

Diversity & Inclusion

Erin Kruger


Brianna Miller


Morgan McGee