Fee Breakdown

ASUN Student Government Fee Breakdown

Students cheer at the football game
Students pay University Program and Facilities Fees (UPFF) which allow them to benefit from both student organizations and facilities that enrich student life. Programs and student organizations are designated under Fund A, while facilities are categorized as Fund B. Fees are displayed in per student, per semester assessment. For all information pertaining to the UPFF process from the current ASUN term, click here. Additionally, the entire schedule for the fee allocation process can be found below the fee breakdown.

Fund A

Fund A fees are programs and activities managed by student groups such as the University Program Council, The Daily Nebraskan, and ASUN Student Government.

Fund A Refunds: Board of Regents policies stipulate that students may request a refund of the amount indicated in the "Per Student" column for any or all of the items listed under Fund A. Forms for applying for a Fund A refund may be obtained at the Student Organizations Financial Services Office (Nebraska Union, Room 200) during the first four weeks of each semester.

ASUN Student Government - $10.86 ASUN Student Government works as the student voice on campus. As an organization that includes a wide range of services and events, ASUN strives to improve all areas of campus through representation and by creating an open dialogue.

Daily Nebraskan - $3.52 The Daily Nebraskan is the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's only independent student newspaper. Within the Daily Nebraskan students can find University-based news, and downtown deals.

The DailyER - $0.14 The DailyER is a humorous and dynamic news outlet located on the campus of the University of Nebraska – Lincoln.

UPC Programming - $6.27 The University Program Council (UPC Nebraska) is a student organization that provides diverse, educational and entertaining programs to enhance the UNL community.

Lied Center Discounts - $4.63 As a student, you can get free tickets to nearly half of the Lied Center’s season events. And for the remaining shows, tickets are half off. No other university offers this type of access to its students.

Fund B

Fund B is used to fund staff salaries and operating costs for various student services and the maintenance of related facilities. Fund B fees also provide improvements to facilities such as the Campus Recreation Centers and the Nebraska Unions.

Campus Recreation: Programs and General Operations - $174.53 Campus Recreation is committed to enhancing the educational experience and promoting lifelong wellness through excellent recreation programs, services and facilities. This portion of the Campus Recreation allocation supports the general operation of the Campus Recreation facilities.

Campus Recreation: Repair and Improvement - $20.12 Campus Recreation is committed to enhancing the educational experience and promoting lifelong wellness through excellent recreation programs, services and facilities. This portion of the Campus Recreation allocation funds both sustained quality and continued improvement of the services Campus Recreation provides.

Nebraska Unions: General Operations - $103.34 The City Campus Union, East Campus Union, and Jackie Gaughan Multicultural Center are hubs for student life on campus. Students can visit the Unions to hangout between classes, grab a bite to eat, or attend meetings for student organizations.

Nebraska Unions: Student Readership Program - $3.88 The Student Readership Program is an ASUN service that provides free, daily copies of The New York Times, USA Today, Omaha World Herald, and Lincoln Journal Star newspapers.

Transit Services - $27.47 Transit Services provide students with transportation between City, East, and Innovation campuses via bus. Additionally, students yearlong pass provides them access to any StarTran bus.

University Health Center: General Operations - $104.54 The University Health Center provides health services to students, often times at reduced costs. The University Health Center partners with Nebraska Medicine to offer services including, but not limited to, primary care, physical therapy, dental coverage, and pharmacy needs. Visit their website to make an appointment today.

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) - $45.28 CAPS is a multidisciplinary team of psychologists and counselors that works collaboratively with Nebraska students to help them explore their feelings and thoughts and learn helpful ways to improve their mental, psychological and emotional well-being when issues arise. Counseling and Psychological Services offers therapy sessions covered by student fees using a comprehensive short-term model.

Debt Service on Facilities - $111.50 The debt service assessment is mandated by the University's bond agreements. These bonds funded construction and renovations of the Nebraska Unions, University Health Center, Jackie Gaughan Multicultural Center, Outdoor Adventures Center, Recreation and Wellness Center on East Campus, and renovation of Campus Recreation Center.

Contingency - $0.73 UPFF funds are calculated based on the number of students who attend the University. The contingency fund provides support funds if the number of students paying fees is less than anticipated.