Open Positions

Open Positions

Nearly 200 students each year are appointed to serve on the many committees, advisory boards and commissions that serve the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The ASUN President and the Appointments Board (a three member committee lead by the Appointments Board Chair) are charged with appointing student representatives to campus-wide open positions. These vacancies are advertised in the Daily Nebraskan and ASUN social media throughout the academic year. Applications are available on this website, and can be completed and/or printed in the ASUN office.  Additionally, questions on openings in ASUN and ASUN in general can be directed at the Appointments Board.

Completed applications need to be returned to the ASUN office directly. For most positions an interview with either the ASUN President or the Appointments Board will be required. In cases when the number of applicants is unusually high, a screening process will be used based on the written application. 

Any questions may be directed to the staff in the ASUN office at 402-472-2581 or to the Appointments Board.

All applications are due on September 15 at 4 pm at the ASUN office.

ASUN Positions

Academic Committee

The Academic Committee shall be responsible for investigating issues pertaining to the standards of academics at UNL and representing ASUN in any ad-hoc or standing committees or advisory boards pertaining to such affairs. It shall promote course evaluations and handle 15th week complaints.

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Campus Life and Safety Committee

The Campus Life and Safety Committee shall work towards improving the well-being and safety of all students on campus by creating programming related to a variety of topics that affect college students.

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Communications Committee

The Communications Committee shall be responsible for investigating issues pertaining to organizational communication challenges as well as ideas and goals improving communication within ASUN and between ASUN and the UNL student body and faculty, staff, and administration; in addition to promoting ASUN’s purposes as stated in the ASUN Constitution as well as encouraging membership and participation in ASUN among the University’s population.

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Electoral Commission

The Electoral Commission establishes the rules and procedures for the ASUN elections.

  • Member
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Environmental Leadership Program (ELP)

Members of ELP plan and organize events that promote a sustainable culture at UNL, experience leadership development, gain education on environmental issues, and participate in aspects of student government such as grant and policy writing.

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Freshman Campus Leadership Associated (FCLA)

The mission of FCLA is to provide outstanding freshman students with the tools and opportunities to jump-start their leadership at UNL, while closely working with ASUN and the Lincoln community.

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Green Fund Selections Committee

The Green Fund provides grants for student-led projects directed toward improving overall environmental sustainability on campus. The fund and its grant reviewing committee empower students and enables student-driven projects in sustainability by providing a source of funding, guidance, hands-on experience and networking.

  • At-Large
  • Graduate

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The ASUN Senate functions as the primary representative body for students, as well as the regulator for other student organizations.  Senator’s responsibilities encompass the full range of student affairs, individual projects, research and lobbying with administrators, faculty, legislators, the Board of Regents and citizens.

Undergraduate University-Wide Committees Positions

For graduate student-only university-wide positions refer to the Graduate Student Assembly.

Commencement and Honors Convocation Committee

The Commencement and Honors Convocations Committee shall be primarily responsible for coordinating plans for commencement and honors convocations.

Students appointed to the Commencement and Honors Convocation Committee will be concurrently appointed to the Convocations Committee. 

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Convocations Committee

The purpose of the Convocations Committee is to administer a speakers program for the university community.

Students appointed to the Convocations Committee  will be concurrently appointed to the Commencement and Honors Convocation Committee

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Grading and Examinations Committee

The Grading and Examinations Committee shall be responsible for continued study and evaluation of the existing grading and final examinations systems, shall consider and evaluate proposals for change and modification of the systems, and shall make recommendations for action to the Faculty Senate.

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Libraries Committee

The Libraries Committee shall advise and make recommendations on all the matters pertinent to the research and general service functions of the libraries, including allocation of funds for the increase of library holdings.

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University Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

The Curriculum Committee shall receive notification of undergraduate courses and programs of study after they have been approved by the curriculum committees of the undergraduate colleges, and notification of approval or disapproval of all curricular changes in the undergraduate colleges.

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Graduate and Undergraduate Positions

Intercollegiate Athletics Committee

The Intercollegiate Athletics Committee shall review and make recommendations on all Athletics Department policies, programs, and practices to ensure that they are consistent with the educational mission of the University and that they are supportive of student-athletes in their academic as well as athletic endeavors.

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Student Publications Board

The Student Publications Board shall hire the editor and business manager of each student publication under its jurisdiction, and a part-time professional journalist to advise the publication's editor and staff.


University Conduct Board and University Appeals Board

The University Student Conduct, Subordinate and Appeals Boards are comprised of students and faculty. The Student Conduct and Subordinate Boards hear cases of alleged violations of the UNL Student Code of Conduct. There are three Subordinate Boards each of which focuses on a particular type of case: academic misconduct, sexual misconduct and cases involving student organizations.


Appointments Board

Name Position
Oetken Lauren Chair
Goltz Nathaniel At-Large Member
Kardell Michael At-Large Member