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ASUN Student Government

Open Positions

ASUN is the premier advocacy organization for students on campus. Each year, nearly 200 students are appointed to serve on the many committees, advisory boards, and commissions across campus.

Applications are open on a rolling basis. Students can find information about open positions on this site and on our social media pages (@asun_unl). Applications must be completed using the online form here. If you would like more information regarding a certain position, please email us.

Applicants will be notified of the next steps, which may include an interview, by the ASUN President or the Appointments Board Chairperson.

If you have questions or comments regarding the application process, please contact us at 402-472-8921 or by emailing

Applications for the 2024-2025 term are OPEN.

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2024-2025 ASUN Positions

Student Senate Positions

The Senate functions as the primary representative body for students, as well as the regulator for other student organizations. Senators' responsibilities encompass the full range of student affairs, individual projects, research, and lobbying with administrators, faculty, legislators, the Board of Regents, and citizens. Students must be enrolled in the college they seek to represent. Please check the status to ensure that applications for your college are being accepted.

Position Status Deadline
Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources Closed
Architecture Closed
Arts and Sciences Closed
Business Administration Closed
Dentistry Open
Engineering Closed
Fine & Performing Arts Closed
Explore Center Open
Graduate Open
Education and Human Sciences Closed
Journalism & Mass Communications Closed
Law Open
Public Affairs & Community Service Closed
Nursing Open
At-Large Closed 
Committees and Task Forces

The ASUN Senate and Executive Committee recognizes a wide variety of committees and task forces. Each of these committees is responsible for research, outreach, education, and project implementation in their respective area. Many of these committees work directly with the Senate, other students, and administrators in their committees. 

Position Description Status Deadline
Academics Committee The Academic Committee is responsible for investigating issues pertaining to the standard of academics at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and pursuing policies intended to improve this standard. Typically, members of the Academic Committee also represent ASUN in any ad-hoc or standing committees or advisory boards pertaining to academic affairs. Also, the committee promotes course evaluations and handles 15th week complaints. Open
Campus Life & Safety Committee The Campus Life & Safety Committee works toward improving the well-being and safety of all students on campus by creating programming related to a variety of topics that affect college students. Open
Communications Committee The Communications Committee works with other committees in ASUN Student Government to connect students with our policies and programming. The committee is responsible for ensuring transparency and active engagement between constituents and ASUN Student Government members. Open
Committee for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion The Committee for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is a committee that helps promote diversity and inclusion on campus through programming events, and educating students. Open
Committee for Fee Allocation The Committee for Fee Allocations (CFA) shall recommend to the Senate the establishment and allocation of University Program and Facilities Fees (UPFF), also referred to as student fees. The committee is composed of 3 Senate members, as well as 10 members elected at-large during the ASUN Student Government election. Open  
Environmental Sustainability Committee The Environmental Sustainability Committee (ESC) was created in 2010 to increase student input on environmental issues at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Since then, the committee has taken a leading role in transforming UNL into a more sustainable university through policy change, various projects, education, and community involvement. Open
Government Liaison Committee The Government Liaison Committee (GLC) members and chair are appointed by the president. The committee educates and engages students in civic duties, such as voter registration and representative outreach. Additionally, GLC communicates student views and concerns to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln administration and all levels of government, while remaining impartial and under the representative guidance of the Senate. Open
Technology Advisory & Fee Committee The Technology Fee Committee's main purpose is to review and examine each college’s use of its budgeted student technology fee. This fee is for the specific use of bettering the technological aspects of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. After reviewing each college’s previous year's expenses relating to the student technology fee, we research other proposals for use of the technology fee and special projects that may be funded. Open
Student Services Committee The Student Services Committee is primarily responsible for helping new Recognized Student Organizations create constitutions. They also do an annual review of ASUN's Bylaws, Constitution, and the services offered by ASUN and report back to the Senate. Open
Sexual Misconduct Prevention Committee The Sexual Misconduct Task Force researches the history of sexual misconduct on campus while collaborating with university administration to advocate for changes that will improve campus culture. Open
Health Center Budget Advisory Task Force The Health Center Budget Task Force works closely with the CFA, the Health Center, and Student Affairs administration to develop a sustainable, student-centered budget plan regarding the University Health Center and CAPS. Open
Low Income Student Task Force The Low Income Student Task Force works closely with Student Affairs and campus partners to collaboratively address the diverse and individualized needs of student populations on campus. Open
Other Positions

ASUN offers a number of positions that collaborate with students and other campus entities. Please see the description and status for more information about each position. If you have additional questions, please call us at 402.472.8921 or email us.

Position Description Status Deadline
Chief of Staff The Chief of Staff is a member of the Executive team. They serve on behalf of the President on a number of committees and projects and help provide overall direction to the organization. They are a non-voting member of the Executive Committee. Closed
Appointments Board The Appointments Board oversees all the application and appointment processes for ASUN positions. The Board interviews candidates and then makes qualified recommendations for appointment to the Senate for approval. Closed
Electoral Commission Member Establishes the rules and procedures for the ASUN elections. Carries out multiple elections each year. Open
Electoral Commission Director The Director of the Electoral Commission oversees and chairs the Electoral Commission. The Director is appointed to the President and reports to the Senate and Executive Committee. Open
Environmental Leadership Program The Environmental Leadership Program (ELP) involves the University of Nebraska-Lincoln first and second-year students in campus sustainability efforts. Members of ELP plan and organize events that promote a sustainable culture at the University, experience leadership development, gain education on environmental issues and participate in aspects of student government such as grant and policy writing. Open
ELP Co-Director The ELP Co-Directors oversee the direction of the Environmental Leadership Program. They create programming regarding environmental sustainability for first- and second-year students. Open
Freshman Campus Leadership Associates FCLA is the first-year representation in ASUN Student Government. It is an appointed group of approximately twenty first-year students who serve year-long terms. The group is typically chaired by two previous FCLA members who facilitate personal development curriculum, foster an understanding of ASUN Student Government, and assist associates with the implementation of personal projects. Incoming first-year students may apply for FCLA beginning in May.  Closed
FCLA Appointments Board Develops and conducts an FCLA selection process in order to appoint the class of the Freshman Campus Leadership Associates. In the fall, after the twenty members have been appointed, the FCLA Appointments Board will dissolve and its duties cease. Open
FCLA Co-Director FCLA is usually chaired by two previous FCLA members who facilitate personal development curriculum, foster an understanding of ASUN Student Government among the group, and assist associates with the implementation of personal projects. Open
Green Fund Selections Committee The ASUN Green Fund provides grant funds for student-led projects directed toward improving overall environmental sustainability on the university campus. The fund and its grant reviewing committee empowers students and enables student-driven projects in sustainability by providing a source of funding, guidance, hands-on experience, and networking. Open
Equity Grant Selections Committee The Equity Grant provides funds for student-led projects directed towards diversity on the university campus. The fund and its grant reviewing committee empowers students and enables student-driven projects in diversity, equity, and inclusion by providing a source of funding, guidance, hands-on experience, and networking. Open
The Big Event Co-Chairs  The Big Event is a large-scale volunteer event organized by ASUN. The Big Event Co-Chairs oversee the event under the direction of the Internal Vice President. Their main duty is to provide overall leadership with the logistical aspects of the Big Event. This position would require a time commitment over the summer. Open
Recording Secretary The Recording Secretary keeps minutes of Senate meetings and is responsible for a comprehensive log of items discussed and debated during these meetings. Open
Homecoming Events Coordinator Oversees coordination of Homecoming Week events including the Parade, UPC Concert, Blood Drive, etc. Collaborates with campus partners to create a cohesive committee. Closed
Homecoming Royalty Coordinator Coordinates Homecoming Royalty selection processes. Works with the Court to maintain a presence on campus during Homecoming Week. Closed
Associate Homecoming Coordinator Collaborates with and assists the Homecoming Coordinators and Campus partners in all aspects of homecoming. Closed
Earthstock Chairperson Earthstock is a month-long celebration of the Earth and sustainability. The Earthstock Chairperson oversees the general direction of the event and coordinates the committee and community partners associated with the event. Open
Publications Board The Publications Board is a five-student board that oversees and advises The Daily Nebraskan and The DailyER on publishing and financial issues. Open 
Student Court The Student Court deliberates cases involving recognized student organizations. The Court interprets constitutions, resolves contested elections, and presides over officer impeachment trials. Open
Apr. 5
University Conduct and Appeals Board The University Student Conduct, Subordinate, and Appeals Boards are composed of students and faculty. The Student Conduct and Subordinate Boards hear cases of alleged violations of the UNL Student Code of Conduct.
University-Wide Committees University-Wide Committees become available throughout the year. Oftentimes, these committees work closely with faculty and administration on campus-wide issues. Open