Can I Just Pay The Traffic Ticket Without Appearing In Court?

It is possible to plead guilty to some types of traffic offenses without going to court. This can be done by signing a "waiver" of rights form, which is sometimes printed on the back of the ticket. You either mail it to the court along with the payment of the fine and court costs or sign it and pay the fine in the office of the Clerk of the Court.

When you sign a waiver you give up your right to a trial, along with other constitutional rights. Some traffic offenses are waiverable and some are not. Counties differ in their waiver policies. In most counties, you must appear in court if, for example, you are charged with driving in excess of 20 miles per hour over the speed limit.

You are also often not allowed to pay the fine by waiver if you are involved in an accident or are charged with negligent, careless, or reckless driving. Waiver forms and information concerning waivers can be obtained from the courthouse of the county where you received the citation.

If you are pleading guilty by waiver, remember that the court must receive the waiver and payment of fine and court costs PRIOR to the date of the arraignment. If you fail to show up for your arraignment and you fail to take care of the citation by waiver, a bench warrant can be issued for your arrest and you can be charged with the additional criminal offense of failing to appear.

Notification of your failure to appear will be sent to the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles, and your driver´s license will be suspended unless you take care of the ticket within 20 days.