I'm Having A Party: How Can I Avoid Legal Problems?

Some basic tips are:

  • Control who enters your residence and know who is attending your party.

  • Control the noise level of people and music both inside and outside your residence.

  • Do not serve alcohol to persons under 21 years of age; have non–alcoholic beverages available.

  • Do not charge money at the door or for keg cups.

  • Show respect and consideration to your neighbors: Do not allow guests to litter on the lawn or block driveways.

  • If police knock on your door, step outside to talk to them, closing the door behind you.

  • Cooperate with police in terminating the party if requested BUT do not consent to a search of your house or person.

For more information on your legal rights in relation to law enforcement, check out www.FlexYourRights.org.

Also see Misdemeanor Chart above ("What Kind Of Penalties Will I Be Facing?") for penalties on party offenses such as MIP, Maintaining A Disorderly House, or Procuring Alcohol For A Minor.