What Can I Do About Problems With My Used Car?

  • Used cars are sold "AS IS" with no guarantees or warranties! "AS IS" means you accept the car with all of its problems, whether they are known to you at the time of purchase or not. Therefore, there are several things you should do to protect yourself when buying a used car.


    • Nebraska´s Lemon Law Applies Only to NEW Car Purchases.

    • Be certain to have a used car checked out by a qualified and trustworthy mechanic of your choice BEFORE you buy it or put down a deposit.

    • If you own or drive a car you must purchase liability insurance.

    • Never admit fault, apologize, or offer to pay for damages, even if you think you caused an accident.

    • Before making a rental car reservation, know all of the charges and consult your auto insurance and credit card policies regarding what coverage you have.