What Do I Look For When Inspecting An Apartment?

You and your roommates arrive to look at the apartment. Here is a checklist of things to inspect:

  • Does the neighborhood look safe? Talk to other tenants.
  • Do all the appliances function properly? Turn them on to see if they work. Check everything including oven, burners, air conditioning,, dishwasher, clothes washer and dryer.
  • How is the apartment heated, by gas or electricity? Where is the thermostat and who controls it?
  • Is there evidence of a bug or rodent problem? Ask the Landlord about pest control.
  • How are the laundry facilities?
  • Are there good locks on the doors and windows?
  • What about parking?
  • Check out the bathroom and shower. Any signs of leaking?
  • Check out the walls and carpets for damage.