Environmental Leadership Program

Environmental Leadership Program

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Environmental Leadership Program

Created in 2011, the Environmental Leadership Program (ELP) is an ASUN committee that involves UNL freshmen and sophomores in making a sustainable impact on campus. Members of ELP plan and organize events that promote a sustainable culture at UNL, experience leadership development, gain education on environmental issues, and participate in aspects of student government such as grant and policy writing.

ELP accomplishes many projects throughout the school year, especially through guidance from ASUN’s Environmental Sustainability Committee (ESC). ELP members experience mentorship from ESC by choosing an already established project they would like to participate in. Whether it is Greeks Going Green, Foam Free UNL, Earthstock, and many more, ELP members get a closer look at what it takes to create a positive environmental impact on campus by working with experienced ASUN sustainability leaders.

2014 ELP Members
Earthstock promotional picture

In addition to assisting ESC with their several projects, ELP is responsible for their own. The Sustainability Roundtable is an opportunity for students and faculty to learn more about environmental issues from professionals in the Lincoln community. This event creates open conversation in order to find solutions and educate one another.

ELP is a progressive and growing organization that is a wonderful opportunity for young environmentally-conscious leaders to get involved in making an active change on campus and through ASUN.


Name Position
Graff Anna Chair
Guernsey Johnna Vice Chair