Freshman Campus Leadership Associates

ASUN Student Government Freshman Campus Leadership Associates

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Freshman Campus Leadership Associates

Freshman Campus Leaders Associates (FCLA) is an appointed group of twenty freshmen who serve year-long terms. The group is typically chaired by two previous FCLA members who facilitate personal development curriculum, foster an understanding of ASUN Student Government among the group, and assist associates with the implementation of personal projects.


Committee initatives coming soon!

Drew Harrahill


Lexie Karkazis


Patrick Baker, Associate

Greer Behnke, Associate

Maria Boman, Associate

Hannah Cass, Associate

Matthew Cooke, Associate

Lauren Dubas, Associate

Luke Gomez, Associate

Morgan Gurwell, Associate

Grant Holst, Associate

Mark Iradukunda, Associate

Taylor Jarvis, Associate

Riha Karney, Associate

Riley Knust, Associate

Alison Kraemer, Associate

Kyle Krueger , Associate

Makenzie Maroney, Associate

Kristen McCoy, Associate

Joe Raun, Associate

Jaden Roe, Associate

Joshua Thiele, Associate

Christian Washington, Associate