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Do you have a question, concern, or comment that you would like to direct to ASUN? Check out our social media pages and send us a personal message or write directly to ASUN using the contact form at the bottom of the page. You may also email us at Additionally, once we return safely to campus, you may stop by our office on the first floor of the Nebraska Union to chat in person. Senator Office Hours will be updated accordingly.

Senate Office Hours

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8AM Spencer Nussrallah (COB) Vincent Perez (Grad) Grace Spray (CEHS)
8:30AM Spencer Nussrallah (COB) Vincent Perez (Grad) Grace Spray (CEHS) Julia Reilly (Grad)
9AM Julia Reilly (Grad)
9:30AM Ellie Hobelman (CPAR)
10AM Sarah Weisbecker (COB) Seth Hadenfeldt (ARCH)
Ellie Hobelman (CPAR)
Ibraheem Hamzat (CASNR)
10:30AM Sarah Weisbecker (COB)
Vinny Malene (COB)
Omar Elkhader (ENG)
Omar Elkhader (ENG) Seth Hadenfeldt (ARCH) Ibraheem Hamzat (CASNR)
11AM Vinny Malene (COB) Mia Hernandez (CoJMC) Jared Long (CA&S)
11:30AM Victoria Burbridge (ENG) Amanda Melcher (CEHS)
Mia Hernandez (CoJMC)
Jared Long (CA&S)
12PM Victoria Burbridge (ENG) Natalie Jones (CASNR) Amanda Melcher (CEHS)
12:30PM Natalie Jones (CASNR) Molly Durham (ENG)
Roni Miller (CA&S)
1PM Dylan Dam (LAW) Molly Durham (ENG)
Roni Miller (CA&S)
1:30PM Rachel Wheeler (CEHS) Dylan Dam (LAW)
2PM Jesse Ferguson (CA&S) Skyler Dykes (ARTS)
Rachel Wheeler (CEHS)
Lauren Taylor (CA&S) Braden Dvorak (CASNR)
2:30PM Jesse Ferguson (CA&S) Skyler Dykes (ARTS)
Ryan Birner (CEHS)
Jackson Grasz (COB) Lauren Taylor (CA&S) Braden Dvorak (CASNR)
3PM Ryan Birner (CEHS) Jackson Grasz (COB) Jairo Gamboa (COB)
3:30PM An Dang (EXPLORE) Erika Swenson (EXPLORE)
Jairo Gamboa (COB)
4PM An Dang (EXPLORE) Randy Thomas (CA&S) Erika Swenson (EXPLORE)
Tamayo Zhou (COB)
Awa Youm (CA&S)
4:30PM Randy Thomas (CA&S) Erika Swenson (EXPLORE)
Tamayo Zhou (COB)
Awa Youm (CA&S)

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