Syllabus Policy

In the spring semester, 2007, ASUN and the Faculty Senate agreed upon an official syllabus policy by which all instructors at UNL are obligated to follow.

Specific rationale include:

  1. Regents Bylaw 4.1 requires faculty to “inform students concerning the requirements, standards, objectives, and evaluation procedures at the beginning of each course,” but there is no official document that sets guidelines for the format or content of this information.  A syllabus policy would specify that the information be written and provide guidelines for content.
  2. Although it is uncommon, there have been instances in which students were not given adequate information about a course; while nearly all instructors will provide adequate course documentation without a syllabus policy, it is helpful to have an official statement requiring minimal course documentation.
  3. An official syllabus policy protects students by giving them a reference document that outlines what information they should receive about each course; it also benefits faculty by providing a checklist of items that should not be forgotten.

To view and download the UNL Syllabus Policy, click here:  Syllabus Policy

If you have concerns with your course syllabus, please contact the ASUN office at 136 Nebraska Union or by calling (402) 472-2581 or use the contact us form on this website.