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Student Fee Allocations

The Committee for Fee Allocations

The Committee for Fee Allocations (CFA) is an elected committee tasked with working with campus partners and Student Affairs to recommend the cost of student fees across the University. These fees, also known as University Programing and Facility Fees (UPFF), are different from tuition. Student Fees help cover programming, services, and facilities that students use on a daily basis, thus all students are assessed a fee based on the number of credit hours they are taking.

In accordance with NU Board of Regents Policy 5.9.1, UPFFs are divided into two categories: Fund A and Fund B. Fund A is used solely to fund student groups and activities, while Fund B is used to make payments on bonds, maintenance, and salaries of various student services and facilities. The Board of Regents grants ASUN the ability to recommend proposed budgets and student fee allocations for Fund A users to the Chancellor for approval. Additionally, it is precedent that ASUN also recommends budgets and allocations to the Chancellor for Fund B users. Ultimately, the Board of Regents votes on all Fund B allocations.

To learn more about student fees and the student fee process, please visit the Student Affairs website.

2022-2023 Student Fee Allocations

1-6 Credit Hours  7+ Credit Hours
Total UPFF Per Student $534.50 $646.00

Your student bill will reflect these fees once per semester labeled as "Program/Facilities Fee General" and "Program/Facilities Fee Hlth/Tr" for a combined total of the amount listed above.

A breakdown of Fund A and Fund B for students taking more than 7 credit hours can be found below.

Fund A Fund B
Fund A Subtotal: $26.78 Fund B Subtotal: $619.22

In accordance with Board of Regents Policy, students may request a full or partial refund of Fund A fee users during the first four weeks of classes. To request a refund, please fill out this form and return it to Student Organization Financial Services (SOFS), 200 Nebraska Union.

CFA Documents and Requested Budgets