Can My Residence Hall Room Be Searched, And What Are The Consequences Of Getting Caught With Drugs Or Alcohol?

The right to privacy, guaranteed by federal and state laws, applies to your residence hall room. Entry to student rooms is limited to emergency or repair circumstances as deemed necessary by complex staff, or as may be legally required.

In order to maintain its property and a safe environment for students, University Housing reserves the right to have authorized personnel wearing identification enter and inspect residence hall rooms at reasonable times, as deemed necessary.

University personnel may enter a room after first knocking on the room door and announcing a request to enter. Reasonable time will be given for occupants to respond before entry occurs. If residents are not in the room, a room entry report will be left to notify residents of such an entrance.

Consequences for violations may include educational requirement, conduct probation, behavioral requirement, parental notification, housing relocation, housing contract cancellation, and/or referral to Judicial Affairs Office.

For more information about UNL´s policy on your right of privacy in the residence halls, go to: