What If The Police Knock On My Door?

Resident Assistants may call the police if they suspect alcohol or drug use/possession. The police may take steps to obtain a warrant to enter the student’s residence room unless the officer decides there is probable cause to believe criminal activity is going on and emergency circumstances justify immediate entry.

If the police knock on your door you should step outside, close the door behind you and politely ask how you can help. You should not give the police consent to search your room, person or possessions. On the other hand, you should never physically resist a police officer. If you would like to learn more about your constitutional rights when dealing with law enforcement check out http://www.FlexYourRights.org.

If the police are called to investigate an incident in the residence halls involving illegal drugs or alcohol, the student may be issued a citation or arrested and face criminal charges. (See MISDEMEANORS section above)