How Can I Get A Protection Order?

Where To Go: Forms are available at the Clerk of the District Court´s Office, which is located at 575 S. 10th in the Justice and Law Enforcement Center. The phone number is (402) 441-7328. Forms are available through the Nebraska Supreme Court self–help website for domestic abuse at Forms may also be available through local domestic violence programs.

What Do I Have To Do? You will need to explain why you are requesting the order, and include the dates, times, and locations of when you were abused or stalked.

How Is The Order Granted? A Judge looks at the form and decides if there is enough evidence to issue a protection order. If it is granted you will get a copy to keep and the sheriff´s department will also get a copy to take to the abuser/stalker.

Protection Order Hearing: The abuser/stalker has five days from when he/she receives the order to request a hearing on the matter. If the hearing is scheduled you should attend because the abuser/stalker will try and show why the order is unnecessary.

How Long Does The Order Last? One year, but you can file for another order after the year ends.

What Is the Cost? There is no cost.