How Do I Know If A Job Is Legitimate?

A legitimate –looking job might be a cover for a fraudulent scam to access your personal information or con you out of your money. Act cautiously to avoid being a fraud victim during your next job search.

General Advice To Avoid A Job Scam:

  • Never post a resume on the Internet with your home address, date of birth, or social security number.
  • When you post your resume online read the site´s privacy policy to make sure you can easily delete your resume from the site when you want.
  • Do not blindly trust a job offer requiring you to transfer money in order to secure an employment position.
  • If someone offers you a job after seeing your resume online, but persistently seeks more of your personal information you would be wise to call the company to verify that the person is legitimate. Look up the company´s phone number online or in the telephone book rather than calling a number given to you by the person offering the job.
  • An advertisement in a newspaper or magazine may attempt to copy the image of a well-known company or government agency in order to look legitimate. You should contact the actual company or government agency to make sure the ad is really sponsored by the respective entity before calling the number given in the ad.