How Can I Be Certain That Charges Will Be Filed Against The Perpetrator?

Report the incident to the police as soon as possible. The sooner the police are involved the better chance they have of apprehending the perpetrator and collecting evidence and names of potential witnesses. After the police have gathered information and arrested or cited suspects a report of the case is developed and forwarded to the City or County Attorney´s office.

Talk to the prosecutor assigned to your case and request that charges be filed if they have not been filed already. The attorneys who work in the City or County Attorney´s office are called prosecutors.

The prosecutor handling the case must decide

(1) if charges should be filed

(2) which charges should be filed, and

(3) against whom.

The prosecutor is also responsible for representing the people of the state in proving in court that the person charged with the crime did in fact commit the crime beyond a reasonable doubt. If you are a victim of a crime you will be working with the prosecutor assigned to your case. The prosecutor will explain what will be asked of you during the proceedings, including pretrial depositions and trial testimony.