Where Can I Go For Counseling And More Information?

Various community organizations have attempted to establish sources of help for victims. Some sources attempt to help victims cope with the psychological and emotional injury suffered as a result of the crime while other organizations offer monetary compensation.

UNL Center for Advocacy, Response & Education, 211 Louis Pound Hall. This on-campus service provides students with crisis intervention, counseling and referral in situations involving sexual assault, relationship violence and stalking. (402) 472-3553

Counseling and Psychological Services, 223 University Health Center. Professional counseling available to currently enrolled students. (402) 472-7450 

Crime Victims Reparations Committee, P.O. Box 94946, Lincoln, NE 68509-4946. Victims, dependents of victims, or parents of victims are eligible. Must have suffered bodily injury from a crime. Committee awards up to $10,000 to cover medical and other expenses not recoverable by insurance or other sources. (402) 471-2828

Victim Witness Unit–Lincoln Police Department. Refers victims to various sources of help; provides information on the legal process. Volunteers accompany victims to court. (402) 441-7181

Rape/Spouse Abuse Hotline–Gives Lincoln area victims information regarding help and shelter; provides assistance in reporting abuse. (402) 475-7273

Nebraska Domestic Violence Crisis and Support Resource: www.aardvarc.org

Child Protective Services–Provides help in cases of child abuse. (402) 471-7000

In Omaha:
Women's Center for Advancement–Helps in cases of child/spouse abuse, domestic violence, sexual assault, and child sexual assault. (402) 345-7273

Statewide Abuse Hotline: (800) 652-1999 (toll free)