Should My Fiance and I Write A Prenuptial Agreement?

What Is It? A Pre-nuptial Agreement is written before marriage. It is a way for a couple to contract on just about anything except custody of future children.

When Is It Useful? Choosing to write a pre-nuptial agreement is a personal decision that may or may not work for your relationship. It can be useful if it explains how property should be divided when a couple divorces.

What Does It Require? To be honored in Nebraska a Pre-Nuptial Agreement must be written, agreed to by both spouses voluntarily and cannot be unconscionable (i.e. one spouse lied about the amount of assets in his/her possession in order to not lose as much in a divorce).

What Is An Ante-Nuptial Agreement? These agreements are less common and are similar to Pre-Nuptial Agreements, but are entered into after a couple is married.