Can I Be Scammed By A Telemarketer?

Absolutely. Here is how a telemarketer might try to entice you:

  • Bait and Switch: A telemarketer tells you that you won a trip and then reels you in with a plush travel offer only to later talk you into upgrading your hotel for more money. Then you go on your trip and discover the room is dirty, crowded, and located in a bad neighborhood.

  • Fly by Night Operations: A telemarketer may call you pretending to be a travel agency and offer you a great travel deal. You make a deposit for the trip, but never hear from the company again.

  • Be careful when entering drawings: Drawings for free vacations are often placed in shopping malls and grocery stores. To enter the drawing you must give personal information. These are ways for telemarketers and Internet companies to collect your personal information in order to contact you in the future with potentially bogus trip offers.