Is It Smart For My Friends And I To Book Our Airline Tickets With A Charter Company?

Charter companies are similar to typical airlines, but do your research because charters have some different rules that may end up ruining your trip. Below are examples:

  • A charter flight can be cancelled by the company for any reason for up to ten days before the trip.

  • A charter company might be able to raise the prices up to 10% after you sign up.

  • The charter company may overbook Spring Breakers to make more money and include a contract provision allowing it to delay return flights for up to three days without letting you know ahead of time. You may be stuck in your vacation destination waiting for a flight.

Make sure the charter is registered: Write a letter to the U.S. Department of Transportation, Office of Consumer Affairs in Washington, D.C. Include the operator´s name and ask to check the charter company´s registration. You can also call the Department of Transportation Public Charter Licensing Division (202-366-1037) to confirm the charter company is licensed. For more information on charter flights, go to

The Federal Trade Commission´s website also discusses charter flights at