What If My Landlord Will Not Make Repairs?

Whenever you communicate with your landlord about anything involving repairs or your lease, you should do so in writing. Email provides a good paper(less) trail of your conversations with a landlord. If you communicate by mail, date the letters and keep a copy or scan of the original.

If you call or speak to the landlord in person, always follow up with a written review of your conversation. Written records about your requests for repairs will prove you gave the landlord notice of the necessary repairs. You can use Request for Repair Letter as your guide.

If the needed repairs materially affect your health and safety, you may want to give the landlord an ultimatum that he or she fix the condition within 14 days or you will terminate the rental agreement and move out within 30 days. (See 14-30 Day Letter).

Circumstances allowing this action by the tenant include repairs materially affecting the tenant´s health and safety or a material noncompliance with the rental agreement on the part of the landlord. (§ 76-1425) It is probably best for you to discuss the matter with an SLS attorney before writing such a letter. Call (402) 472-3350 for an appointment.