What Is An ALR Hearing? (ALR = Administrative License Revocation)

It is a hearing conducted by telephone conference call to determine if your driver’s license should be administratively revoked by the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles). Usually present on the telephone conference call are: a DMV hearing officer, the arresting police officer and you, the ticketed driver.

The arresting officer explains why he stopped the car and either submits a copy of the temporary license or, in the case of a Refusal charge, explains why he determined you refused the test.

If you want an ALR hearing you must file the petition within ten days of your arrest. If you lose the hearing, you cannot drive until a judge orders you to apply for the IIP. This will take place at your sentencing hearing, after you are convicted in court

If your breath test result is .088 or below, make an appointment to speak with an attorney immediately as it may be in your best interest to request an ALR hearing, and you only have ten (10) days to do so.