What Does Being On Probation Mean?

If probation is granted, the conditions of probation the judge chooses to impose become effective immediately. If you wish to accept the conditions of probation being offered you must sign the probation order. The term of probation on a first offense is usually six months to one year. Typical conditions include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. Abstain from alcohol. Random urine tests may be requested by the Probation Officer to confirm abstinence.

2. Completion of an alcohol education or treatment program.

3. Monthly contacts with probation officer.

4. No law violations.

5. Attend a Victim Impact Panel (V.I.P.) sponsored by M.A.D.D.

6. Driver’s license revocation of 60 days on a first offense if your BAC was below .15. If above .15, then your license revocation will be for one year and you will also be sentenced to two days in jail. The judge will give credit for the period during which you have been revoked, including the time you have been using the Ignition Interlock Permit (IIP).

7. A $500 fine (first offense); and

8. Several hundred dollars ($800 to $1,000 and up) in court and probation costs.

9. Any violation of probation conditions will result in the state filing a motion to revoke your probation. The judge will then re-sentence you to a straight sentence (i.e., no probation) punishment under the DUI statute.