What Is This Going To Cost Me?

As monetarily expensive as a DUI can be, the real cost is in the fact that you must report this misdemeanor conviction on job applications and professional school applications into the foreseeable future. It is unpleasant. It is an experience to avoid. DUI is painful to the pocketbook. Some of the monetary costs you are likely to encounter on a first offense are listed in the chart below:

Attorney´s Fees $750-$3,000
(SLS is prepaid through student fees, so there is no charge.)
Fines (first offense) $500
Car insurance will skyrocket
Breath Test at arrest $100
Alcohol Evaluation $75-$150
Alcohol Education Program $100-$150
Alcohol Treatment Program $360-$10,000+
Urine testing during probation $65
Permit for Ignition Interlock $45
Interlock system on car $60-$75 per month
Probation charges $30 application fee & $25 per month